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Filges Braiding Fork with Filges Wool Yarn

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This set contains a lucet and Filges plant dyed 100% wool yarn. A braiding fork or knitting fork, also called lucet, is used for making cords, a technique that probably dates from the Middle Ages and introduced by the Vikings.

In contrast to cords that are made with, for example, a braid star, these cords consist of a series of loops that could be considered 'knotted'. This creates a very sturdy, square cord, which is very elastic and will not fully unravel when a thread snaps. There is no limit to the length, so you can make very long and strong cords.

The wood comes from locally owned forestry in Estonia. The yarn is plant-dyed and comes from Germany. There are two sets available: blue/green or pink/red and both come with a manual.

lucet length: 16 cm, oiled. wool weight: 50g.

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