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Dreamy Ink Art

Montessori Glitter Resin Letters

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Beautiful set of 26 Lowercase Montessori Glitter Resin Letter. Letters will come in a cotton drawstring bag for easy storage. There are many ways to combine learning and play!
Here are some ideas:
- Letter recognition
- Letter matching with flashcards
- Alphabet hunt activities
- Place letters in alphabetical order
- Use these letters in a sensory bin
- Use these letters to build words

Please note, that due to the creating process, you may find tiny air bubbles or slight imperfections. Each set is handmade with non-toxic resin. There may be slight colour variation or the amount of glitter to the set(s).

Lowercase letters: Approximately 3cm by 3cm, depending on the letter.

Please wash using cold soapy water and a cloth to dry!

Due to the size of the letters it is not recommended for children who put objects in their mouths. Please remember to always supervise children when the letters are being used.

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