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Wilded Family

Wild Times Tables Poster

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This item is available for Pre-order and will be shipping out approximately early to mid October. This item may not be offered outside of the pre-order so make sure to order while pre-order is available. Pre-orders will close September 17th. Orders with pre-order items in it will be held until all items arrive. If there are other items you want shipped right away please order those separately. 

Wilded Family introduce our Times tables poster.This poster is perfect for children who are learning the times tables. Engaging the imagination with beautiful illustration, this poster is magical when used along side the Times tables songs.
While children observe how beautiful the patterns of each number are really allowing children to engage with the beauty of maths.  This is a visual guide to the whole number sentance for children – who are either learning how to step count or learning a times table.
All the beautiful colours of the rainbow enliven the times tables as children become increasing fluid in counting in this way. We aim to make Maths more human.
A3 (11.7" x 16.5") – Made on 340mic uncoated recycled pulp board, using vegetable inks. The paper stock is completely recyclable. Printed paper sourced from an FSC-certified supplier. 100% plastic free.  Made in GB
All images and designs © Stephanie Green 2000 – 2023