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Colors in Nature | Hardcover

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Magnificent, hand-painted illustrations by a rising star of Czech watercolor illustration-perfect for beginning painters!
Nature is teeming with incredible colors. But have you ever wondered how the colors green, yellow, pink, or blue might taste or smell? What could they sound like? Or what would they feel like if you touched them?
Nature's colors are so wonderful and diverse they inspired people to use the names of plants, animals, and minerals when labelling all the nuances. Join us on a journey to discover the twelve most well-known colors and their shades. You will learn that the colors and elements you find in nature are often closely connected.
Inside you'll find:

- Book filled with magnificent, hand-painted illustrations (in the style of Katie Daisy) by rising stars of Czech watercolor illustration
- A great encyclopedia of animals, plants and minerals
- Unique interactive concepts: the reader can relate individual shades to plants, animals, rock, and various landscapes of the same color in accordance with their names (e.g. raspberry red, turquoise)
- A short lesson on how to mix and combine colors

Will you be able to find all the links in each chapter? And if you are an aspiring artist, take our course at the end of the book and you'll be able to paint as exquisitely as nature itself does!

Stepanka Sekaninova used to work as a TV reporter and produced children's programs. Now, she is a writer and an editor-in-chief, living in the Czech Republic.
Magdalena Konecna illustrated her first book when she was only seventeen years old. Her main sources of inspiration are her dreams, travels, and the natural world. You can find her pictures on greeting cards and in notebooks as well as various publications. She lives and works in the Czech Republic.

Jana Sedlackova is a children's books author. In addition to other studies, she graduated from the School of Textile Design and Management in Brno, Czech Republic. She sings in a choir, and at Christmas loves to decorate gingerbread. She is fond of fairy tales, and is convinced that people who don't read them just haven't found the right one yet."

  • 9.4 x 11
  • Color illustrations throughout
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Art / Painting
  • 6-9 years
  • 9788000059334

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