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Kite Paper 6.3"x6.3" | 100 Sheets per pad - 10 Assorted Standard Colors

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Kite paper is a very solid wax paper in bright colors. Traditionally this paper was for kite making, but it is also useful for many other crafting purposes such as colorful window decorations or folded stars.

There are many tutorials and step-by-step instructions for gorgeous stars and more that you can find for free on Pinterest!

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful in the window

As a kid I loved doing origami, now I love using this kite paper to make scenes for my kids on their playroom window! You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest too!

Such a great texture

This paper just invites you to fold it, it is so lovely to the touch. You can make stats, leaves, snowflakes, all sorts of seasonal decorations, all of which look beautiful in the window.

Such a fun seasonal activity!

I finally got around to trying out this kite paper, and now I’m obsessed! Once I got the hang of what I was doing, it was almost therapeutic! I started with very basic folds; a quick internet or Pinterest search will bring up tons of easy tutorials and ideas! The outcome is gorgeous, especially when you see the light shine through your creations in the window! If you have a big project in mind that requires more of one colour, I’d get a couple of packs (you get 10 sheets of each of the 10 colours).

Window stars and more

This kite paper is made of wonderful quality! I use them every year for our Christmas window stars. Absolutely beautiful