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Toverlux | Flower Silhouette Kit

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The Flower Silhouette Kit has 4 sheets to create silhouettes with, a brush, special glue, and a little manual. 

Our Toverlux Frame is sold separately.

When you have finished drying your flowers with our Flower Press, you can transform them into stunning natural art pieces using our Flower Silhouette Kit with translucent sheets, special glue, and a brush.

Once dried you can slide these delicate Silhouettes into your Toverlux Frame or Lamp, displaying their lovely shapes and colors in the light, and capturing the magic of nature.

Our Flower Press and Silhouette Kit allows you to hold onto the beauty of precious moments, perfect for preserving petals from a special occasion or as a memory from your everyday garden.

Customer Reviews

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Loved it!

My daughter absolutely loved this, it was easy enough for her to do mostly by herself (she’s 4) and she was delighted at the end result. It was also great practice for her being patient as she waited for the flowers to dry out in the press and then had to wait again overnight for the glue to dry . When everything seems so instant these days it was really nice to make something she’s proud of together over a couple of weeks.

Perfect for my little flower collector

My daughter collects flowers every where we go so this will be perfect to use in her toverlux cannot wait to see what she will come up with