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Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature | Hardcover

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Slow down to watch 50 nature stories that command calm and foster mindfulness
All around us, nature is working wonders. Every day, hour by hour, magical transformations happen right in front of you. But it’s not always easy to see them . . . In this beautiful illustrated collection, 50 moments in nature are paused for you to watch them in detail. Then you should go outside, and explore, and see what you find when you take the time to slow down. Gorgeously illustrated, this charming collection celebrates the small wonders happening all around us every day.

Rachel Williams studied literature before becoming an editor and publisher of children's books. She is also the creator of bestselling natural history and adventure books, including The Atlas of Adventures series and Illuminature. She lives with her husband and two small children in London. 

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Magic Cat
Date Published: September 1, 2020
Audience: Ages 8-12
Subjects: Juvenile Nonfiction Science Nature Environmental Ecosystems Biology Animals
EAN: 9781419748xxx
Physical Dimensions: 9.20" x 11.50"
Shipping Weight: 1.97 lbs.
Carton Quantity: 10
Sales Rank: #7555

Customer Reviews

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This book is beyond gorgeous! Not only does it have beautiful illustrations and information. But, it teaches you to slow down and observe what's around you! We are using this book as part of our gentle homeschooling. We use each slow-down moment as a little lesson. Highly recommend this book!