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Wilded Family

Wild Perpetual Moon Calendar

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This perpetual calendar will allow you to see what this heavenly luminary, the moon, will be doing when. Ideal as a teaching tool – to show children the phase of moon – or for grown-up’s for keeping track of the moon cycle, be that for lunar gardening cycles, menstrual charting or manifestation work. 4 layers of beautifully illustrated beechwood Plywood (PEFC approved + sustainable) will glide over one another and show you the full cycle of the moon through the months.

Watching the phases of the moon can connect us to and helps us remember we are part of the cosmos! Our very birth is connected to the cycles of the moon, and its phases affect all living creatures on the Earth. A beautiful piece of artwork, this Perpetual Moon Calendar will allow you to see current and forthcoming cycles.
Uniquely illustrated in Water colours this calendar shows the elements through Lunar phases through the month; it also reflects the elements (air, water, fire and earth) and flora and fauna to remind us of the moons influence on everything on our terra-firma.
11.6" – Made on uncoated PEFC plywood, using inks with no VOCs, Formaldehyde free, no heavy metals. The wood, paper packing and mental fixings are each recyclable.  100% plastic free. Packing is made of recycled cardboard. Made in GB
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