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Wilded Family

Wild Wheel of the Year

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Our beautiful wooden Wheel of the Year displays all the months and the beauty of the seasons as the year passes. The illustration includes many traditional festivals, animals, wild plants and flowers. This wheel is part of the perpetual calendar which can be created by purchasing the inner “days” wheel and the outer “dates” wheel. Alternatively it can be used as a table centre or special day celebration centre.

We are all connected, through our diverse religions – from ancient to modern, languages and cultures weave a common thread: united and bound together by our common birth place. We are all human. We can all see harsh winters and glorious springs, play-filled summers and reflective autumns. Celebrating the turning of the wheel and the changing of the seasons is a particularly wonderful way to renew and refresh ourselves. Building new traditions with our families and strong rhythms for our children.
10.3" diameter  – Made on uncoated PEFC plywood, using inks with no VOCs, Formaldehyde free, no heavy metals. The wood, paper packing and mental fixings are each recyclable.  100% plastic free. Packing is made of recycled cardboard. Made in GB
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