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Grimm's Deco - Branch, Dark Green

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Grimm's dark green branch is wonderful for celebration tables, for decoration on a window-sill and on the nature table. Includes 1 piece, with three holes. Made using European-sourced FSC-certified lime wood, and finished with non-toxic water based colour stain. Approx length 18cm.

Dark Branch Table Deco fits perfectly together with the light green branch #03276.

For safety, please use Grimms Candle Holders (Art. No 04800/04801) for the candles. Make sure that there is no draft. Competent adult supervision required

How to Clean: If you want to remove dirt from Grimms wooden products, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth and a little soapy water (if necessary). When drying, please do not place on the heater, otherwise, cracks may occur in the wood. Please allow to dry at room temperature. Please never clean Grimms toys with disinfectant, hot water or similar!

Grimm's products cannot be shipped to US addresses. Any order placed to an address outside of Canada will be cancelled and a 6% cancellation fee will be charged.