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Grimm's Deco - Seasonal Festivity Stand (Canadian Customers Only)

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Seasonal festivity stand height 60 mm, circumference 43 cm, alder includes 7 brass candle holders. One can vary the height of the layers. There are 7 holes in the lower area for candles. There is a groove in the base for displaying a postcard or picture.

For decorations with flowers, fruits, puppets etc. One can vary the height of the layers. There are 7 holes in the lower area for candles. The smaller holes in the levels are for hanging various decorations (example: Easter eggs, straw stars or advent gifts).

For displaying a postcard or picture, a groove is in the base. The top and 3 levels are detachable, and can be used as an Advent wreath holder.

Made from European-sourced alder, non-toxic plant based oil finish. APPROX height 60cm, APPROX diameter 43cm.

NOTE: We oil our natural wood products with a mix of different plant-based oils. The stronger smell is typical for natural linseed oil which is completely harmless, and it will decrease over time.

DAMAGES & CARE OF WOOD: If you clean Grimms wood products only use a damp cloth. Do NOT submerge in water. Do NOT use hot water or disinfectant. Grimms stands for quality and long life. When making our toys, we carefully select the wood without defects. At each step, the quality of the wood is checked. But wood lives and responds to air changes. Wood is a natural product and not indestructible. Children should be advised and prompted to use caution with their special toys. If something breaks, repair the damage with wood glue.

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