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Play Silkies

Play Silkies GIANT Play Silk

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Play Silkies are 100% 8mm (momme) pure mulberry silk making them strong and tough. They are intentionally designed to withstand everything from tight knots to rough toddlers. To give you an idea of the thickness- these are comparable to the PRINTED Sarah's Silks- the non-printed Sarah's silks are a thinner 5mm- so these ones are beautifully strong.

Introducing the Giant Play Silk – an enchanting burst of rainbow colors and softness that stretches your child’s creativity to new horizons. Measuring a remarkable 270cm x 110cm, this expansive silk provides endless opportunities for imaginative play, whether it’s transforming into a flowing river, building a majestic fort, or creating a magical backdrop for stories.

The vibrant rainbow hues are both soothing and exhilarating, setting the stage for hours of open-ended play. Adorned with charming white stars, the Giant Play Silk adds an extra touch of wonder to your child’s adventures. Its generous size allows for shared playtime experiences, making it perfect for playdates, siblings, or solo explorations.

All our silks are hand washable, making them perfect for all types of play. Just hand wash and hang to dry.

Rated for all ages, Play Silkies are AU and EU certified safe from birth!