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Toverlux | Robin Pieterse - Morning Star Silhouette

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Discover our ever-growing collection of Magic Silhouettes - each one a unique embodiment of life's phases, special moments, and changing seasons. Ideal for gifting or building a cherished collection of your own. Growing with your family and deepening connections and traditions.

These versatile Magic Silhouettes seamlessly complement both the Magic Lamp and the Magic Window Frame, offering endless possibilities to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Crafted from the beautiful artwork of our talented artists, these silhouettes are meticulously printed on translucent material, enhancing the vividness of their colors. Sized at 19x19 cm, our silhouettes are not only visually stunning but also crafted from food-grade safe materials, ensuring both beauty and safety.

Customer Reviews

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For me

My daughter has the lamp and a handful of silhouettes, but admittedly I bought a handful for myself and will get the window frame to be able to put on my kitchen sink window to enjoy myself this Xmas