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Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks Lakota Storytelling Playsilk

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Children love to hear their favorite stories told over and over again! Storytelling Playsilks are perfect for independent play, story time, and small world play. 

About the Lakota Storytelling Playsilk 
The Lakota Storytelling Playsilk features original illustrations by Lakota artist and Waldorf teacher Caroline Stadnick, and comes with an activity card that highlights different Lakota stories and prompts young readers to exercise their own voice and imagination through the power of storytelling. The artwork for this Playsilk now hangs centrally at the Lakota Waldorf School, an independent, tuition-free school serving children in southwestern South Dakota. The school seeks to cultivate and strengthen Lakota cultural identity and build a solid foundation for Lakota language fluency in its community. Made with the intention of celebrating the beautiful storytelling traditions within Lakota culture, we hope this Playsilk supports parents and educators in teaching young children respect and reverence for indigenous peoples and traditions, through the universal power of storytelling.
This Playsilk features artwork and story content by an indigenous artist, and all promotional photos depicting children and parents feature indigenous models.

The artist's story suggestions include:
  • The Great Race
  • Brave Woman Counts Coup
  • The Flute
  • Iktomi, Coyote, and the Rock
  • How People Learned to Fish

Storytelling  Playsilks are 21" x 29", made from heavyweight, 100% pure mulberry silk. Included with every Storytelling Playsilk are one of a kind cards with suggestions for stories to learn, share, and make believe.

Storytelling Playsilks are made in collaboration with different artists. The Lakota Storytelling Playsilk features artwork by Caroline Stadnick. You can learn more about Caroline Stadnick and the Lakota Waldorf School where she teaches here.

Our toys are made from 100% pure mulberry silk and wood. Gentle on Mother Earth, silk is a natural fiber that breaks down easily and returns to the soil, replenishing and nourishing Mother Earth.

Care Instructions: Hand-wash with mild shampoo or dish soap and warm water. Hang dry, and iron on medium to restore shine

Safety tested by the rigorous standards of the U.S. & E.U.