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Shapes and Patterns in Nature | Hardcover

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Perfect for children ages 10 and up who are ready to dive into the world of diverse shapes and patterns hiding everywhere in nature!
From fish to vegetables, flowers, and shells, you'd be surprised how often the same shapes and patterns are repeated in nature. Even the tiniest ones have a place in nature and a reason to be there.
In Shapes and Patterns in Nature , children and readers will discover the many patterns found in nature and learn what each pattern can tell us about an animal or plant.
Discover the marvelous shapes and patterns nature has to offer!

Stepanka Sekaninovaused to work as a TV reporter and produced children's programs. Now, she is a writer and an editor-in-chief, living in the Czech Republic.
Jana Sedlackova is a children's books author. In addition to other studies, she graduated from the School of Textile Design andManagement in Brno, Czech Republic. She sings in a choir, and at Christmas loves to decorate gingerbread. She is fond of fairy tales, and is convinced that people who don't read them just haven't found the right one yet.
Magdalena Konecna illustrated her first book when she was only seventeen years old. Her main sources of inspiration are her dreams, travels, and the natural world. You can find her pictures on greeting cards and in notebooks as well as various publications. She lives and works in the Czech Republic."

  • 9.4 x 11
  • Color illustrations throughout
  • JUVENILE NONFICTION / Curiosities & Wonders
  • 6 years and up
  • 9788000061252