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Ten Frame

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Ten Frame is approximately 4" x 9” — each hole is   1.375” 

Why 10?! 10 is the building block of our base 10 number system. If a child can help “see” that 6 plus 4 equals 10 — it’s easier for that child to later “see” that 60 plus 40 equals 100, and 600 plus 400 equals 1000 , etc. It is important for children to make these connections when learning numbers and early math.  The 10 frame really helps them see, and even better - DO! Counters can be arranged in various ways to represent various numbers. This helps your children visualize and gain a strong sense of basic numbers. Learn numbers in relation to 5 and 10. Put items into 8 of the holes and ask your child is 8 more or less than 5? How many more than 5 is it? You’re right! It’s 5 plus 3 more ! And only 2 more makes 10! Wow ! 8 + 2 equals 10! Do you see all the learning that just happened there?! And it’s not just on paper — this is learning that happens by playing, discovering and doing ! 

Our ten frame will hold 10 gems in one hole — and it also fits all 3 sizes of sorting eggs. Each hole is 1.375” in diameter which gives lots of opportunities for loose parts to use in math. 

Is this food safe?!

YES! These are made from hard Canadian maple wood. It has a light coating of butcher block/cutting board oil — which does not hinder the natural antibacterial properties in the wood. Did you know that Maple carries compounds that hinder bacterial growth? Pretty cool hey.
This wood uses capillary action to absorb bad bugs from the surface pores. Once bacteria is trapped inside the wood’s cells it suffocates, cut-off from the oxygen it needs to survive. 

To wash, simply clean your plates the same as you would a wood cutting board. Never submerge in water or put in the dishwasher.

They are also great for sensory play. With so many fun shapes, they are perfect to add into your different themed sensory studies. Butterflies for a butterfly life cycle study — the moon or star for outer space — the star also doubles as a starfish, pair it with the shark for your ocean themed sensory play.

The possibilities are endless. My daughter loves having snack time with her unicorn plate.

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