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The Magical Year | Hardcover

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THE MAGICAL YEAR is an illustrated Wheel of the year featuring the eight pagan holidays and practices to connect with the seasonal cycles of nature written by Cristina Romero and illustrated by Tijana Lukovic.

A beautiful hardcover illustrated book packed with whimsical images and inspiring text where each Sabbat has its own double page featuring its main description and an illustration that captures the spirit of each tradition.

Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Samhain are some of the pagan holidays.

THE MAGICAL YEAR is not only an opportunity to inspire the whole family to connect to the natural world, it is also a beautifully illustrated set of dreamy images to spark action.


Our ancestors’ lives were deeply rooted in nature and its cycles. They embraced the change of seasons, understood their importance, and honoured them. 

The year is a cycle with milestones that used to mark turning points for the human communities (the two solstices and two equinoxes, the harvests, etc) . Nature changed with each occasion, and so did the people. The new was welcomed; the old bid farewell. Life and change were continuously celebrated.

The main festivities that we observe to this day have their roots in the rites of the past – even those that have sadly become an ode to consumerism.

We want to bring back the Wheel of the Year, and its eight celebrations. It will be our way to reconnect with the seasonal rhythms of earth, and with the ebbs and flows that happen inside each of us.

  • 23×28’5cm perfect bound HARDCOVER EDITION. 
  • 52 pages
  • More than 20 illustrations. 
  • Printed on high quality paper Offset CORAL BOOK of 190 gr/m2 
  • Printed locally with certified paper.
  • AGES: 10 +

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