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Wilded Family

Wild Spring Wheel

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Welcome Spring, there is so much to celebrate. In joyful colours this beautiful wheel takes children and adults on a journey through the spring festivals, ultimately to the centre, towards the energy and celebration of Easter, Ostara or Equinox.

The illustration captures Spring; with its animals and people – but more than this it gently reminds us of the rocks beneath our feet and the plants around us as we welcome the renewing energy of spring.

In my family this sits at the centre of our dining room table, with little visiting figures and findings. It’s a great way to gently build excitement and journey towards Easter rather than just arrive! Spring is an amazing and magical time, new life shoots from the bare brown soil and everything rustles and leaps.

This wheel is made from FSC sustainable plywood, 11.6" Diameter.

100% plastic free. Packing is made of recycled cardboard.
All images and designs © Stephanie Green 2000 – 2023