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Wilded Family

Wild Weather Wheel

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This item is available for Pre-order and will be shipping out approximately early to mid October. This item may not be offered outside of the pre-order so make sure to order while pre-order is available. Pre-orders will close September 17th. Orders with pre-order items in it will be held until all items arrive. If there are other items you want shipped right away please order those separately. 
Everyday we have the chance to connect to the world outside our doors. This is particularly essential for younger children. Building into the day a pause to observe the outside world can be the building block for meditative practice. Using the Wilded Family Weather Observation Wheel is also a chance for children to learn the words we use when we talk about the weather. Perfect for families, teachers and home-schoolers.

Observing and investigating nature is some of the most essential work of childhood. Invite your child to learn about the weather with this simple and beautiful wheel. Our wooden weather wheel allows children to pause and think about what is happening in the outside world. Perfect to record weather patterns with, to share between siblings or to use to beautifully hold space in a room or table setting.
We hope that this Weather Observation Wheel will bring joy and mindfulness to your day, each day – whilst also being a beautiful addition to your home.

Two layers 296mm diameter (largest) x 20mm – Made on 9mm uncoated PEFC plywood, using inks with no VOCs, Formaldehyde free, no heavy metals. The wood, paper packing and mental fixings are each recyclable.  100% plastic free. Packing is made of recycled cardboard.  Made in GB
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