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Wilded Family

Wilded International Alphabet Cards

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This item is available for Pre-order and will be shipping out approximately early to mid October. This item may not be offered outside of the pre-order so make sure to order while pre-order is available. Pre-orders will close September 17th. Orders with pre-order items in it will be held until all items arrive. If there are other items you want shipped right away please order those separately. 

The new international ABC cards feature the 26 illustrated letters, and 5 vowels as Singing Letters. 31 cards in total. The pictures on the vowel singing cards are the “angels” they are imaged from the Eurythmy gestures. Designed to help children sound out (with voice) the letters, act out with their bodies nd also imagine the quality of the letter through the art. These cards are unqiue as they can be purchased in English, German, Spainish, Italian and French. The letters show the same object in each language so with additional packs the children can work independantly discovering new words from other languages as they grow. With secure connection and understanding to this letter.
26 cards A6 (2.75" x 4") rounded corners- Made on 240gsm uncoated recycled card, using vegetable inks. The paper stock is completely recyclable. Printed paper sourced from an FSC-certified supplier. 100% plastic free.  Made in GB
All images and designs © Stephanie Green 2000 – 2023